What is break bulk?
Unpacking or disassembling a portion or all contents of a consolidated shipment for reconsignment or delivery.

Define bulk cargo?
Cargo stowed loosely in the hold of a ship and is not enclosed in a shipper container or box. Examples include oil, ore, grain or coal.

Define NVOCC?
Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) are carriers who issues bills of lading for carriage of goods on vessels that are not owned or operated by them.

Define RORO service?
Roll-on/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) is a ship that is specifically designed to carry wheeled and tracked vehicles as all or most of its cargo. Some vessels can accommodate containers and cargo that is wheeled, tracked, self-propelled or towed vehicles and equipment. A series of external and internal ramps facilitate the loading and discharge of RO/RO cargo

What does the term ‘bill of lading’ mean?
Printed form used in connection with a shipment of freight usually naming the shipper, the consignee, proper addresses, date and place of origin, description of the shipment, weights of each article and other pertinent data for the information of others concerned.

What is the difference between Master and House Bill of lading?
Master Bill of Lading: Issued from Carrier. House Bill of Lading: Issued from Freight Forwarder.

What is the term ‘fob’?
Free On Board is a shipping term that indicates that when a company purchases supplies, the supplier is responsible for the supplies, and therefore pays the cost of shipping and insurance, until the goods reach a specified location.

What documents are required for imports into JEA?
Dubai Customs will require a Commercial Invoice, which will be available from your shipper; a released Bill of Lading or Airway Bill or a discharge Order.

What documents are required for exports from JEA?
A Shipping Bill, a Bill of Lading or Airway Bill; an Export Declaration Form are all required by the Ports authority as well as the Shipping Line or its Agent

What is a blind shipment?
When the customer has contracted with the carrier so that the shipper or consignee information is not given. This keeps the origin location and receiving destination unaware of each other and provides two separate Bills of Lading in which both show the carrier’s terminal as the shipper and the receiver.

What is an airway bill?
A document issued by a carrier to a shipper that supplies written evidence regarding the receipt of goods, the mode of transportation and the arrangement to deliver goods at the requested destination to the lawful holder of the bill of lading. A standard air waybill accommodates both domestic and international traffic.

What are documents related to air shipments?
A commercial invoice and a Bill of Lading detailing the shipper’s and consignee addresses and contact information, description of goods and their declared value must accompany all international shipments. In addition to the commercial invoice, those shipments with a declared value in excess will require a Shipper’s Export Declaration. An original copy of the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) must be sent along with the shipment.

Why opt for airfreight?
Each type of freight shipping method has its advantages and disadvantages, but air shipping is probably the best. This mode of transportation allows for decreased shipping time, low damage ratios and for certain commodities, lower shipping costs.

What is consolidation service?
A number of separate shipments that are assembled into one shipment for movement on one way bill from one location to another. Consolidation of cargo can result in reduced shipping rates. If the parcel is less than a full container load (FCL), it is recommended that you use consolidation services to save your money.

What are the modes of transportation for shipments?
Full Container Load (FCL) a delivery of cargo that fills a given container either by bulk or maximum weight. Less Than Container Load (LCL) a container can be loaded with LCL cargo at a container freight station for LCL delivery. Full Truck Load (FTL) a shipment of cargo that fills a given tractor trailer either by bulk or maximum weight. Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight from several shippers loaded onto an individual trailer.

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